Clinical skin care solutions.


Medical Grade Microderm

Leaves the skin feeling fresh, smooth, decongested, and alive       $65 - $95


Chemical peels can target and treat multiple skin issues from acne, scarring, melasma to overall tightening and rejuvenation.            

Multiple strengths and depths to choose from $40 - $175


Trusted method to treat brown spots, redness and rosacea.

Full face $200  

Face, neck and chest $250   *most popular

Other popular areas include hands, arms, shoulders, back, and legs.

Micro-needling- Collagen Induction Therapy

Treats fine lines and acne scars. Improves skin’s texture, tone and color. Excellent for traumatic scars and stretch marks too.        

Face and Neck $225     

Eyes or mouth only $125 

Body quote at consult

Non-Surgical Face lift

Using radio-frequency and Micro-current, we can tighten and tone the face and body with no discomfort or downtime.        $40-$95    * multiple treatments necessary

Clinical Facials

Skin analysis and consult will determine the Demo-Corrective treatment  $40-$150