Long lasting hair removal for all skin types.

HOW IT DOES laser hair removal WORK?

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment inside the hair follicle without damaging the delicate structures of the skin. Because hair cycles go through growth and dormant phases, multiple treatments will be necessary to achieve lasting results. The treatments are spaced from four to eight weeks depending on the area being treated. The number of treatments that are needed vary from person to person. The number of treatments can range depending on the patient's skin and the treatment area. The average is approximately 5-9.



Some patients may experience slight discomfort, the sensation is compared to a a cold spay, a tickle, or a rubber band snap, the degree depends on the individual. Candela lasers utilize CDC, which is the number one cooling system to maximize comfort. The treatment duration lasts from one to 60 minutes. Treatments can easily be performed during your lunch break.

Skin may show no sign of treatment or may be left slightly red for a few minutes to a few hours following treatment. The hair will fall out (shedding) seven to 21 days following your appointment, at this point the area is silky smooth with out any hair growth for a few weeks. The hair will start coming back slower, finer and more sporadic with every treatment until desired results are achieved. You will have dramatic results from the very first laser hair removal treatment.


WHO IS A CANDIDATE for laser hair removal?

At ILLUME, we have multiple lasers to serve all skin types safely. Since the laser is attracted to pigment, blonde, gray, or red hairs are not treatable. We offer electrolysis as an alternative to treat the hairs lacking in pigment. In some cases, a test spot must be preformed before the treatments can begin.




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